About Us


Evelyn Lifestyle Boutique is truly the first of its kind of secondhand store. We specialize in women's clothing and carry everything from swim to designer handbags.

We order in pre - loved clothes from all over the world and connect with brand ambassadors, influencers & more to ensure the quality of what you will find will always be fresh and updated. We only carry sustainable, quality brands so our selection is refreshing, easy and refined - you don't really ever have to "dig".

Since we do order from many different trusted sources, the connections we have ensure that many of our clothes are actually still brand new with tags (at quite the discount)!

The best part is, we order only from individual women, whether online or locally, so we support small businesses as well! No large corporations here...just the guaranteed quality of brands that you trust.

Our business is women owned, women employed, sourced from women, and focused on selling to women. Our store front is designed AND constructed by women, from the floor to the limestone washed walls, all the way to the benches outside and the actually insane amount of plants we've planted. (we can't help it, we're total plant moms) 

Nestled in the beautiful oceanfront town of Kona, Hawaii, this is a place you should add to your bucket list if you are traveling! And if you are a local to Hawaii, this is your new go to store to refresh your wardrobe, and don't forget to ask about our Kaima'aina!