Brand Highlight - Flook/.

Brand Highlight - Flook/.

Evelyn is proud to focus on sustainable brands, providing quality to your pre-loved clothes that should last a lifetime with proper care. We carefully circulate eco brands with our same values, providing you with discovery of companies who are doing the most to preserve economical & small batch fashion. 

Today’s highlight is Flook/. The Label, a stunning collection of hand crocheted & knit pieces perfect for a beachside day to night look. 


“Flook represents a contemporary line of consciously crafted beachwear, swimwear, and knitwear, working closely with talented local artisans in Bali. Every garment is meticulously hand-made, adhering to ethical practices and utilizing eco-responsible methods. Our commitment lies in sourcing sustainable materials and employing fair labor, while embracing plant-based dyes that harmonize with nature.

‘We approach this journey with gratitude and deep respect for the individuals and the planet that enable us to create a positive impact.”


“At FLOOK we draw inspiration from the intricate details found in nature, culture, textiles, and art. With a heart that longs for exploration and a sense of belonging everywhere, she infuses each collection with a captivating essence of place. Our commitment to the environment is reflected in our designs, as we embrace local methods that uplift their beauty.”


“We incorporate crochet, which involves interlocking loops of yarn, thread, or other materials using a crochet hook. We also embrace the art of knitting, where yarns are skillfully inter-looped or inter-meshed to create unique pieces.”

“Furthermore, we proudly sponsor an Entrepreneurship program at Stella's Child (, a foundation dedicated to supporting Indonesian children who come from profoundly disadvantaged backgrounds. This program assists them as they transition from their homes and orphanages into the workforce. At Stella's Child they educate them on the art and science of eco-responsible fashion, encompassing everything from the initial concept and design to the manufacturing process and product launch. Their goal is to empower their creativity, fostering the confidence they need to thrive and succeed.”

Evelyn is thrilled to carry Flook/. Preloved pieces in our store - we have several available at all times and our collection is refreshed consistently. 


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